Thanks for attending the Kick Off Meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended the Ardmore Community Club meeting on Tuesday night! It was good to see so many people interested in sharing ideas and working together to build connections and improve our local area. The speakers from Sound Transit and City of Bellevue were informative. Here’s a link to the Sound Transit Presentation and a brief survey Sound Transit has asked us to complete.

Let’s keep this going! Join one of the committees, or come to our events!

NEXT MEETING: Leadership Committee
We’ll meet at Amy’s house to establish the club and start planning out the year.
RSVP via email and we’ll send you the agenda and location.
Time: 7 pm
Date: Tuesday, May 31

COMING SOON: Events Committee
Once we have established leadership, we’ll set a date for those interested in joining the Events Committee to meet and start planning the block party (and any other fun social things we want to put energy into).

SAVE THE DATE: Ardmore Block Party
Don’t forget to mark your calendar: Saturday, July 30, 1-4 pm

We look forward to getting to know you all better, and making great things happen in Ardmore!

See you around the neighborhood!
– Amy & Alissa


May 17 Kick Off Meeting

Get to know your neighbors, help us plan social events, and hear about what’s happening in our area! 

  • Learn about our new light rail stations from Sound Transit speaker, Abby Chazanow.
  • Meet our friendly City of Bellevue Neighborhood Outreach Manager, Mike McCormick Huentelman.
  • Help us form the club, plan the next Block Party, and share your ideas!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016. 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Ardmore Elementary School Cafeteria
16616 NE 32nd Street

Questions? Ideas? Want to join our mailing list? Email us at