May 31, 2016 Leadership Committee Meeting Notes

In an effort to keep everyone involved and up to date on the club’s meetings we’ll be posting the meeting notes for each of our meetings. All meetings are open to the public, if you’d like to attend a meeting, please email 
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 28 at 7 p.m. We will be planning the 2nd Annual Ardmore Block Party.


Ardmore Community Club
Leadership Committee Meeting

Time: 7pm
Date:  5-31-16

Present: Amy Lee, Alissa Grieves, Henk & Kristen Dawson, Antony Jayalarian,  Terry Polifke, Kathy Simmons, Pam Wadsworth

Meeting Notes

  1. Establishing Ardmore Community Club
    1. Paperwork: The group reviewed & agreed upon:
      1. Using the Sample Club Bylaws from the City of Bellevue Neighborhood Organizing Guide as our club bylaws, with the intention of revising them as needed.
      2. Club boundaries – to include small section of houses missing from the City map – bound to the north and east by Ardmore Park, and NE 30th Street and 172nd Street NE.
      3. Details for the City of Bellevue Community Club Registration Form:
        1. Leadership meetings to be held on a quarterly basis.
        2. No club membership fees required at this point in time. (Self-funded by organizers for now.)
        3. Amy & Alissa to continue acting as city liaisons.
    2. Leadership: The group decided not to elect officers at this point in time.  All people present are to be members of the leadership committee. Decisions to be made democratically as a group at a later date once more interest in the club is reached.
    3. Upcoming Projects: Block Party, Neighborhood Enhancement Program
    4. Next steps: Submit club paperwork to City of Bellevue (Amy & Alissa)