June 29, 2016 Block Party Meeting Notes

  1. Status update:
  • Fire– confirmed
  • Police– confirmed
  • Flyers– good, need bigger font on date, add all ages welcome.  Team members to put them up on mailboxes with push pins/staple gun/tape. Alissa sent out geographic zones for volunteers. Bring chairs, blankets. People who put them up are responsible for pulling them down (don’t litter). Target posting them by Sunday, July 17.
  • Food Truck–  the city requires reserved parking on the street, a restroom within 200 feet, no permits needed, potentially need to guarantee a min. number attendees. maybe do it next year


  1. Things to organize:
  • Food & food labels– need to have labels and pens on hand for people.
  • Drinks– Terry to bring 5-gallon water dispenser, will add ice.
  • Cutlery, plates, napkins, cups– Alissa can take care of this – provided by local church.
  • Games– Cornhole, football & frisbee. Alissa can also take care of this – provided by local church.  Kristin to bring bingo. Croquet set – Cam & Amy. Horse shoes – Steve. Jessica – badminton. Cam to coordinate games on the day.
  • Kids Activitiesg. face painting- send an email asking for help with this.
  • Equipment (tables, chairs, music)Alissa to follow up on tables and chairs from everyone. Cam & Amy – 2 folding tables. Jessica – folding table and 2 chairs. Steve – folding table and 4 chairs. Kristin – 2 folding tables and 8 chairs. Terry – 2 tables and 8 chairs. Email people to bring chairs, blankets.
  • Marketing– flyers, sandwich boards pick up/drop off. Terry to pick up sandwich boards. Alissa to pick up flyers. Website, nextdoor, email list.
  • Music??– Skip music. Though we do have local musicians. E.g. Henk (Kristen’s husband) is musician. Scott is in Dr Funk.  Would add a lot of complexity, need power etc. Maybe next year.
  • Trash & Recycling– bring wheelie bins. Add to email.  Trash and recycling and maybe one green bin.
  • Traffic control– cones for fire truck? Use wheelie bins with sign? Email group for cones. Or sandwich boards with ribbon? A couple of folding chairs and rope. Cordon off section to the right of the play area. Amy & Cam to reserve the spot. Terry can possibly help with his car.
  • Club table– info, sign up for mailing list, etc. Short survey for comment box. Kristin to write & the comment form (1/2 sheet). Some people can float around circulating them, keep more at the table. Banner for signage.  Amy has suggestion box. Promote Neighborhood enhancement program& Nextdoor. Focus on getting contact details. Amy & Alissa to organize rest of stuff – tags, pens, materials. Create some talking points for ACC. Bring the map board – Amy.
  • Green Team/Clean up– volunteers –  Cam, Terry, Alissa, Steve, Amy, Jessica
  • Anything else we are passionate about?
  • Photos– Steve to be responsible, and anyone else who remembers.


  1. Other
  • Do we want to invite guests?Police captain, city hall? No, not this year. Maybe invite the principal.
  • Preparing for rain– backup plan – use the school gym or the playground. Is the porta potty open there? Alissa to check.
  • Alissa might call to see when the city gets the park porta pottys cleaned.
  • Send around phone numbers to party organizers.
  • Ask me about Ardmore Community Club.
  • Years in Ardmore – stickers? Name tags?
  • Get people to add more pins in the map.


Organizers to meet at the park at noon

We didn’t feel like we needed to schedule another meeting before the event.