April 25 Neighborhood Meeting Recap

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend our meeting last week on April 25. If you weren’t able to make it, here’s a recap of the meeting:


  1. ACC Update: Since we last met in May 2016, the ACC has completed the following:
    1. Hosted our 2nd Annual Summer Block Party and had a great attendance.
    2. Surveyed residents at our events and found out that people are very interested in social connections, keeping our neighborhood safe, and traffic calming on NE 30th Street.
    3. Registered as a neighborhood association with the City of the Bellevue. This will put us on the City’s website in case any neighbors are trying to find us, and keep us in the loop with City projects that affect us.
    4. Started developing bylaws for the club. This is one of the first steps to incorporating which will be important if we ever want to start collecting dues.
  2. City of Bellevue Neighborhood Enhancement Program: We encourage everyone to submit their project ideas before the May 31 deadline. (See online submission form and additional program information). Thank you to Emily Kish from the City of Bellevue for joining us to talk more about this program.  We brainstormed ideas of some things we’d like to see:
    1. Ardmore Park
      1. Park Shelter
      2. Restroom (permament or year-round porta-potty)
      3. Safety improvements to limit kids access to NE 30th Street
      4. Sports Court
      5. Zipline
      6. Water Source for drinking fountain/hand-washing/dog bowl
    2. NE 30th Street traffic calming (radar sign or something similar)
    3. Improving Pedestrian crossing NE 30th Street near Ardmore Park
    4. Landscape enhancements to improve drainage around NE 32nd Street/169th Avenue NE
    5. Stop signs at NE 32nd Street and 169th Avenue NE intersection (near Ardmore Elementary)
    6. Non-paved cycle path/trail behind Ardmore Elementary
  3. Community Discussion
    1. City Projects Update
      1. Paving on 164th Avenue NE starts May 1 (weather dependent) will take about a week to pave and finish.
      2. Water main replacement on NE 32nd Street is complete.
    2. Bellevue Police Update with Captain Popochock:
      1. Captain Popochock is our North Sector Captain. He oversees all patrols in our neighborhood and is able to oversee and track long-term issues that affect us.
      2. Reach out to Captain Popochock at 425-452-4347 or apopochock@bellevuewa.gov
      3. No major concerns in our neighborhood, crime is low compared to the rest of the city.
      4. If you’re not comfortable calling 911 about a non-emergency, you can call 425-577-5656, but you still need to say immediately that it’s a non-emergency.
    3. No to BTC Petition: Our neighbors in Sherwood Forest are campaigning to prevent further property development at the Bellevue Technology Center (BTC) which could result in the loss of many trees and increased traffic. If you are interested in learning more or would like to help, please see this BTC Background Document, Petition and Site Map.
  4. Other business:
    1. Additional events: We’re gauging interest in some new events for the ACC. These include a Fourth of July parade and a Winter Festival celebrating many different cultural events.
    2. Secretary position open: One person volunteered to be the ACC Secretary.
    3. We’re always looking for people to help out with events so if you have time and interest, please get in touch with us! You can email admoreneighborhood@outlook.com
    4. SAVE THE DATE! Annual Ardmore Summer Block Party – Sat, July 29, 1-4pm

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