April 25 Neighborhood Meeting Recap

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend our meeting last week on April 25. If you weren’t able to make it, here’s a recap of the meeting:


  1. ACC Update: Since we last met in May 2016, the ACC has completed the following:
    1. Hosted our 2nd Annual Summer Block Party and had a great attendance.
    2. Surveyed residents at our events and found out that people are very interested in social connections, keeping our neighborhood safe, and traffic calming on NE 30th Street.
    3. Registered as a neighborhood association with the City of the Bellevue. This will put us on the City’s website in case any neighbors are trying to find us, and keep us in the loop with City projects that affect us.
    4. Started developing bylaws for the club. This is one of the first steps to incorporating which will be important if we ever want to start collecting dues.
  2. City of Bellevue Neighborhood Enhancement Program: We encourage everyone to submit their project ideas before the May 31 deadline. (See online submission form and additional program information). Thank you to Emily Kish from the City of Bellevue for joining us to talk more about this program.  We brainstormed ideas of some things we’d like to see:
    1. Ardmore Park
      1. Park Shelter
      2. Restroom (permament or year-round porta-potty)
      3. Safety improvements to limit kids access to NE 30th Street
      4. Sports Court
      5. Zipline
      6. Water Source for drinking fountain/hand-washing/dog bowl
    2. NE 30th Street traffic calming (radar sign or something similar)
    3. Improving Pedestrian crossing NE 30th Street near Ardmore Park
    4. Landscape enhancements to improve drainage around NE 32nd Street/169th Avenue NE
    5. Stop signs at NE 32nd Street and 169th Avenue NE intersection (near Ardmore Elementary)
    6. Non-paved cycle path/trail behind Ardmore Elementary
  3. Community Discussion
    1. City Projects Update
      1. Paving on 164th Avenue NE starts May 1 (weather dependent) will take about a week to pave and finish.
      2. Water main replacement on NE 32nd Street is complete.
    2. Bellevue Police Update with Captain Popochock:
      1. Captain Popochock is our North Sector Captain. He oversees all patrols in our neighborhood and is able to oversee and track long-term issues that affect us.
      2. Reach out to Captain Popochock at 425-452-4347 or
      3. No major concerns in our neighborhood, crime is low compared to the rest of the city.
      4. If you’re not comfortable calling 911 about a non-emergency, you can call 425-577-5656, but you still need to say immediately that it’s a non-emergency.
    3. No to BTC Petition: Our neighbors in Sherwood Forest are campaigning to prevent further property development at the Bellevue Technology Center (BTC) which could result in the loss of many trees and increased traffic. If you are interested in learning more or would like to help, please see this BTC Background Document, Petition and Site Map.
  4. Other business:
    1. Additional events: We’re gauging interest in some new events for the ACC. These include a Fourth of July parade and a Winter Festival celebrating many different cultural events.
    2. Secretary position open: One person volunteered to be the ACC Secretary.
    3. We’re always looking for people to help out with events so if you have time and interest, please get in touch with us! You can email
    4. SAVE THE DATE! Annual Ardmore Summer Block Party – Sat, July 29, 1-4pm

April 25 Neighborhood Meeting Agenda

Please see below for tonight’s Neighborhood Meeting Agenda. We hope to see you there!

Ardmore Community Club Neighborhood Meeting
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 7-8:30 pm
Ardmore Elementary School Library

  • Meet and Greet
  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Community Club Update
  • City of Bellevue Neighborhood Enhancement Program
  • Community Discussion
    • City Projects Update
    • Police Captain Popochock
    • Bellevue Technology Center petition
    • Other Business
  • Get Involved & Next Steps – Save the Date for the Summer Block Party! July 29 from 1-4 pm at Ardmore Park

Upcoming City of Bellevue Project on NE 24th Street

Area to be landscaped

The City of Bellevue will be landscaping the area outlined above. This phase of the project (which originally started in 2014) was scheduled to follow after the recently completed asphalt overlay. The main driver for the project is removal and replacement of dead and dying street trees, this area has been losing one or two trees per year for the past decade.

The City is taking this opportunity to relocate the existing path, remove turf and planting with more attractive landscaping. Trees are currently posted for removal and replacement. Trees should be removed shortly and the landscaping will happen in early autumn.

As part of this project, the Ardmore sign (shown below) will be removed and replaced with enhanced landscaping. The sign is well past it’s useful life. If there is interest in a new sign the City does have a Neighborhood Match program that can potentially assist with funding the project.

Please let the Ardmore Community Club know if you have any questions/comments or if you are interested in organizing a sign replacement with the Neighborhood Match Program.

Ardmore Neighborhood Sign on NE 24th Street
Ardmore Neighborhood Sign on NE 24th Street

We had a great time at the Block Party!

And we hope you did as well! It was a beautiful, fun-filled afternoon with about 75 neighbors. A special thank you to the Station 3 Firefighters for bringing two trucks and an ambulance out to the party.

At the party, we asked people to fill out a brief survey to help the Ardmore Community Club set our future goals, if you weren’t able to make it or didn’t fill one out at the event, please take a couple minutes now and share your thoughts with us.

Neighbors gathered at the block party.

We will be scheduling a leadership committee meeting for late August, the meeting date and time will be announced soon and all are welcome. Coming to the meeting doesn’t commit you to a leadership role.

Thanks again for everyone’s help making our 2nd Annual Block Party a big success!!

– Ardmore Community Club

June 29, 2016 Block Party Meeting Notes

  1. Status update:
  • Fire– confirmed
  • Police– confirmed
  • Flyers– good, need bigger font on date, add all ages welcome.  Team members to put them up on mailboxes with push pins/staple gun/tape. Alissa sent out geographic zones for volunteers. Bring chairs, blankets. People who put them up are responsible for pulling them down (don’t litter). Target posting them by Sunday, July 17.
  • Food Truck–  the city requires reserved parking on the street, a restroom within 200 feet, no permits needed, potentially need to guarantee a min. number attendees. maybe do it next year


  1. Things to organize:
  • Food & food labels– need to have labels and pens on hand for people.
  • Drinks– Terry to bring 5-gallon water dispenser, will add ice.
  • Cutlery, plates, napkins, cups– Alissa can take care of this – provided by local church.
  • Games– Cornhole, football & frisbee. Alissa can also take care of this – provided by local church.  Kristin to bring bingo. Croquet set – Cam & Amy. Horse shoes – Steve. Jessica – badminton. Cam to coordinate games on the day.
  • Kids Activitiesg. face painting- send an email asking for help with this.
  • Equipment (tables, chairs, music)Alissa to follow up on tables and chairs from everyone. Cam & Amy – 2 folding tables. Jessica – folding table and 2 chairs. Steve – folding table and 4 chairs. Kristin – 2 folding tables and 8 chairs. Terry – 2 tables and 8 chairs. Email people to bring chairs, blankets.
  • Marketing– flyers, sandwich boards pick up/drop off. Terry to pick up sandwich boards. Alissa to pick up flyers. Website, nextdoor, email list.
  • Music??– Skip music. Though we do have local musicians. E.g. Henk (Kristen’s husband) is musician. Scott is in Dr Funk.  Would add a lot of complexity, need power etc. Maybe next year.
  • Trash & Recycling– bring wheelie bins. Add to email.  Trash and recycling and maybe one green bin.
  • Traffic control– cones for fire truck? Use wheelie bins with sign? Email group for cones. Or sandwich boards with ribbon? A couple of folding chairs and rope. Cordon off section to the right of the play area. Amy & Cam to reserve the spot. Terry can possibly help with his car.
  • Club table– info, sign up for mailing list, etc. Short survey for comment box. Kristin to write & the comment form (1/2 sheet). Some people can float around circulating them, keep more at the table. Banner for signage.  Amy has suggestion box. Promote Neighborhood enhancement program& Nextdoor. Focus on getting contact details. Amy & Alissa to organize rest of stuff – tags, pens, materials. Create some talking points for ACC. Bring the map board – Amy.
  • Green Team/Clean up– volunteers –  Cam, Terry, Alissa, Steve, Amy, Jessica
  • Anything else we are passionate about?
  • Photos– Steve to be responsible, and anyone else who remembers.


  1. Other
  • Do we want to invite guests?Police captain, city hall? No, not this year. Maybe invite the principal.
  • Preparing for rain– backup plan – use the school gym or the playground. Is the porta potty open there? Alissa to check.
  • Alissa might call to see when the city gets the park porta pottys cleaned.
  • Send around phone numbers to party organizers.
  • Ask me about Ardmore Community Club.
  • Years in Ardmore – stickers? Name tags?
  • Get people to add more pins in the map.


Organizers to meet at the park at noon

We didn’t feel like we needed to schedule another meeting before the event.

May 31, 2016 Leadership Committee Meeting Notes

In an effort to keep everyone involved and up to date on the club’s meetings we’ll be posting the meeting notes for each of our meetings. All meetings are open to the public, if you’d like to attend a meeting, please email 
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 28 at 7 p.m. We will be planning the 2nd Annual Ardmore Block Party.


Ardmore Community Club
Leadership Committee Meeting

Time: 7pm
Date:  5-31-16

Present: Amy Lee, Alissa Grieves, Henk & Kristen Dawson, Antony Jayalarian,  Terry Polifke, Kathy Simmons, Pam Wadsworth

Meeting Notes

  1. Establishing Ardmore Community Club
    1. Paperwork: The group reviewed & agreed upon:
      1. Using the Sample Club Bylaws from the City of Bellevue Neighborhood Organizing Guide as our club bylaws, with the intention of revising them as needed.
      2. Club boundaries – to include small section of houses missing from the City map – bound to the north and east by Ardmore Park, and NE 30th Street and 172nd Street NE.
      3. Details for the City of Bellevue Community Club Registration Form:
        1. Leadership meetings to be held on a quarterly basis.
        2. No club membership fees required at this point in time. (Self-funded by organizers for now.)
        3. Amy & Alissa to continue acting as city liaisons.
    2. Leadership: The group decided not to elect officers at this point in time.  All people present are to be members of the leadership committee. Decisions to be made democratically as a group at a later date once more interest in the club is reached.
    3. Upcoming Projects: Block Party, Neighborhood Enhancement Program
    4. Next steps: Submit club paperwork to City of Bellevue (Amy & Alissa)